Silva Ćapin

Silva Ćapin

Silva Capin (Osijek, 1989) is a Croatian film director and screenwriter working as a freelancer. After compleating her studies of Comparative Literature (BA) and Film and TV Directing (BA and MA) at the University of Zagreb, she began to work as an external associate at Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) as a Director in the Cultural, Children’s and Entertainment Program and has participated in local and international festivals with her short films. In 2006, she wrote and directed a TV show „Film Stories“ with co-author Luksa Benic. She is currently preparing and finalizing her own projects (a feature and short film as well as an animated series) and writing and directing for the Drama Department of Cratian Radio.

Film and TV:

Secretaries or How to Choose a Fax Machine (2019) / Feature film (developing) / Eclectica

Vacoom (2019) /co-authors Denis Golenja and Lukša Benić /Animated series (developing) / Adriatic Animation

The Rudeness of a German Lady (2019) / Short film / Eclectica

Film Stories (2016) / co-author Lukša Benić / Mockumentary TV series / Pipser for HRT 3

White Room Stories (2016) / Short film / ADU and HRT

Knjiga ili život (2014 – 2017) / TV show, Cultural Program / HRT 3


Naked Bolivar (2018)/ dramatisation and directing (play by Marko Pogačar) / Documentary Radio Drama / Third Programe, Croatian Radio

The Leasure of Captain Hoste (2019)/ writer and director / Documentary Radio Drama / Third Programe, Croatian Radio

Cheese/Leaving Yopa/Belle and Beau, once (2019)/ director (play by Roman Simić) / Male forme / First program, Croatian Radio